Том 2, № 86 (2019)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30977/BUL.2219-5548.2019.86.2



Призначення та перспективи використання межових знаків PDF
S. Bizikin 5
The main areas of work of the Roads Service in Kharkiv region PDF
Ye. Zrazhevets, S. Plyaka 10
Sun Jian, Suo Liyan 14
Investigation of influence of the rubber crumb, as a stabilizing additive, on the properties of stone-mastic asphalt PDF
Valery Zhdanyuk, Dmytro Kostin, V. Petrov 19
Urbocongestion or overload of the urban transport systems PDF
Valery Huk 24
GIS analysis of dangerous geological processes in a residential area PDF (Русский)
Roman Chubukin 31
Improving geodesic researches at determination of geometrical parameters of hoisting crane structures PDF
Taras Nalivayko 36
Method of geoinformation support of quantitative land accounting PDF
Maryna Pilicheva 40
To the question of determining the soil quality index in road construction PDF
Lev Perovych, Lesia Perovych, Tania Martyniuk, Roman Peresoliak 49
Checking the conformity of the grain-size composition of road cement concrete mixtures PDF
Artur Onyshchenko, Nikolay Garkusha, Natalia Chyzhenko 53
Rationale of the calculation load on the main roads of Ukraine PDF
Vitaliy Ryapukhin 63
Validation of the design load parameters taking into account the road roughness. PDF
Hor Sarkisian 69
Features of the functional classification of roads PDF
Nаtaliya Arsenieva 74
The influence of the calculated temperature of the asphalt concrete coating layers on the shear stability of the subgrade PDF
Yevhen Dorozhko 83
Substantiating the boundaries of the climate regions of the territory of Ukraine in conditions of modern climate change PDF
Elina Zakharova 88
Major reasons of road-transport accidents and their consequences PDF
Lyudmila Kovalenko 94
The effect of parking on traffic conditions on main streets PDF
Galina Fomenko 99
Comparative analysis of regulatory documents for the design of roads PDF (Русский)
S. Urdzik 105
Study of the economical longitudinal slope of a hill bypass when tracing roads PDF (Русский)
Igor Musiienko 110
Analysis of the regulatory framework to the concept of calculated speed PDF
I. Kiiashko 115
Experience in developing proposals for permanent snow protection during road reconstruction PDF
A. Dogadailo 121
The effect of chloride deicing materials on road safety in winter PDF
Andrii Siedov, Olena Fomenko 130
Competence influence of industrial practice on graduates employment PDF
Natalia Arinushkina, Tamara Grishchenko 135
On the issue of environmental characteristics of transport flows PDF
E. Lezhneva 141
Intelligent information and control system of hybrid and electric vehicles PDF
T. Bazhynova 148
Methodology of estimating aesthetic qualities of car roads PDF
I. Kiiashko 156
The effect of soil properties on the compaction of the subgrade at negative air temperatures PDF
O. Fomenko, A. Siedov 162
Substantiation of the distance of installing infor-mation means PDF
I. Kiiashko, R. Zolotukhin 167
Applied aspects of problems with efficiency of BIM technologies of motor transport infrastructure objects PDF (Русский)
G. Velichko 173