Review of services for working with three-dimensional models

O. Matsiy, A. Nizhnikov


This paper deals with services for working with three-dimensional models in the browser environment and their application. The analysis of technologies and systems for working with three-dimensional models was carried out, taking into account the support of work on mobile devices. Goal and problem statement. The main problems of all software packages are the high input threshold, the need for powerful tool, which requires significant financial costs to work with three-dimensional models. The purpose is to analyze existing browser-based 3D models to identify disadvantages and benefits.When creating high-precision design models, the complexity of the model smooths out these problems, then primitive operations help interactively view and obtain information about the model. Methodology. With this in mind, the main goal is to create a system that would allow to work with ready-made three-dimensional models, while meeting the following criteria: platform independence; ability to work on mobile devices; easy usage and upgrading; minimum necessary abilities to work with the model. Results. Analyzing existing systems to work with interactive 3D models in a browser environment, we can conclude that all of these systems have their disadvantages, such as: very high price; inconvenience in use; inability to modify the system for their needs; discontinuation of support and development of the system by its creators; not optimality of program code; the presence of critical errors in the code. Practical value. After analyzing and reviewing the available libraries, it is possible to conclude that the most currently required criteria are two libraries, namely TheeJS and Babylon.js.

Ключові слова

three-dimensional model; browser; interactive control; WEBGL technology

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