Development of construction management models using information technologies


  • Oleksandr Menejlujk Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Україна
  • Oleksiy Nikiforov Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Україна
  • Sergii Makarov LLC ООО «Ecostyle», Україна


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UDC 69.055, 004.9


Problem. The efficiency of construction remains low in Ukraine. One of the reserves for improving efficiency is the modernization of management methods, including the use of modern information technologies. This will increase the accuracy and promptness of the production information, which will reduce non-productive costs and improve the quality of works. Methodology. The study was conducted by analyzing information sources, comparative and morphological analysis, using heuristic methods and interdisciplinary approach. Results. The article contains review of up-to-date software in the field of construction, conduction of it`s classification. The modern level of the use of principles of the scientific organization of work and management in the construction industry is estimated and it is established that productivity of labor input in construction remains low. The BIM technology (building information modeling) is analyzed. It is concluded that it is necessary to create a concept of a unified informational environment of the project, which includes a model of the product, processes of the investment and construction project in both natural and monetary dimensions in their connection with the organizational structure and business process of the enterprise. The concept of using information technologies in construction management and implementing models are developed as well as a principle model that shows the processes of managing an investment-construction project and the main components of the information system, a functional model that shows the main information transmission paths for building management and documents that capture information. Originality. The presented results allowed to develop a new subject of research “construction management by information technologies”. Also, the further development has got: the theory of project management using the product model and the processes of construction production; methods of scientific organization of work and management in construction; quality management system. Practical value. It introduces the development of principal improvements in the efficiency and operational control of construction by the use of information technology.

Біографії авторів

Oleksandr Menejlujk, Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

professor, Doct. of Science, Chair of Department of Technology of Building Industry

Oleksiy Nikiforov, Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Ph.D., Assistant of Department of Technology of Building Industry


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